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mkWith the new structure of governance adopted by Kenya, following the promulgation of the Constitution, it has become a matter of necessity to seek legal opinions on workings of the systems. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to render sound and timely opinions. We advise on the following:
• The structure and functions of the devolved governments/ units
• The relationship between the two levels of government – The National and County Governments and their respective obligations.
• The assignment of duties between the 2 levels of government and how such duties/functions are transferred.
• The implications of the various statutes on devolution on the workings of the County Government.
• The Transitional provision and the role of various state organs in the devolved structures
• The relationship between the two houses of parliament (senate and national Assembly) and the County Governments.
• Possible reforms to enhance efficiency. We undertake this by researching on how devolution has worked and enhanced lives in other jurisdictions.


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